Eau Claire Myofascial Release Experts



Are you experiencing Pain, Stiffness, or Stress?
Let Anthony use his 25 years of experience to unlock stuck spots, get rid of unforgiving knots, decrease your pain and get you back to moving & feeling better again.  

Are you frustrated and considering surgery?
Maybe you've tried other treatments. Maybe you've had an MRI. Maybe you've had Physical Therapy and you're still not satisfied with how you're feeling.  Massage is a great way to address your concerns, being the least invasive treatment as well as the least expensive. 

Tried massage and didn't work for you?
Massage Therapy is a broad term that descirbes dozens of different techniques and approaches, so even though you may have experienced one massage, this massage treatment will most likely be totally different.  

Not sure massage will help? Don't hesitate to call: 715-548-1561
You can discuss whether his treatments are appropriate and could be effective for your condition. 

So, what is your health worth to you?
People spend money on a lot of things but often don't spend money on their health.  Health is your greatest wealth - you only get one body - and sometimes you need to spend a small amount (compared to surgery, testing procedures, time off work, medication costs, etc) to address the underlying issues and feel better. 

Want to use your insurance? 
Request a referral for massage therapy from your physician for your concern & use your Health Savings Account.

Your health is important, so you can be assured that if Anthony doesn't think you're moving toward your goals, he'll encourage you to find the treatment that's just right for you.


Address your aches and pains today before they escalate or knock you down.  


To Schedule an appointment, please call 715.548.1561